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Cypress hedge, UVSAFE 25*25cm 77tips, 2tone green


EAN: 8714617053787
Weatherproofed cypress element 25x25 cm! Ideal for producing your own cypress hedge or wall coverings.
Bytiling the Artificial Cypress Elements together you are able to createhedging for patios; along walls and fences or to hide unsightlybuilding features. The elements are made ​​of weather-resistant plastic and can therefore be used all year round. For 1m ²  you need 16 artificial grape leaf elements. Installation is very simple: Just click the items together to get the desired size.
Ideal for Architects, Builders and Designers.
Box pièce: 6
Master carton pièce: 60
Matériel: plastic
Master carton: 85*57*46 NW 13.60KG BW 19.10KG CBM 0.22
immédiatement disponible / immédiatement disponible
Quantité: unité

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